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How Does Primal 7 Work for You?

Primal 7 Alleviates Body Weight To Get Patients Moving Again.

Primal 7 offers a comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective rehabilitation solution for patients in both neurological and orthopedic recovery. Used at top institutions for everything from brain and spinal cord injuries to sports injuries, Primal 7 is the only therapeutic product that provides a full body workout for patients at any level of physical fitness. It is easy to use and allows patients to start from a point of success immediately, decreasing depression and often reducing recovery time.


Patient rehabing with Primal 7

Expand your facility’s capabilities, improve patient recovery time and reduce costs.

Treat More Conditions

By relieving the pressures of body weight, Primal 7 can be used to exercise a variety of body parts and conditions. It has been used to expedite the sit-to-stand recovery for knee surgery patients, help balance amputees so they can stand on their own, and even support the obese so they can do push-ups for the first time in their lives. Thanks to a patented system of bands and levers, Primal 7 is uniquely versatile in its ability to treat all levels of physical rehabilitation patients.

Maximize Your Treatment Space

Unlike most brands of rehabilitation equipment, Primal 7 is easy to install and portable, which means less space is occupied by bulky, non-functional parts. Installation can be achieved with as little as a doorway and our patented door anchors, or any number of wall installation options. Ease of placement and no rigorous maintenance requirements means Primal 7 will save you money on multiple fronts.

Continuity of Care

Primal 7’s ease of use and portability means patients are not limited to one-on-one rehab sessions with a therapist – they can use the unit at home, providing crucial continuity of care. Primal 7 will seamlessly transition from being a rehab product to a fitness product, encouraging your patients to continue living a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Industry leading professionals are excited about the potential Primal 7 holds. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

“Primal 7 is going to give my patients and cancer patients movement, which is life. It’s the answer.”