Primal 7 is more than just a name, it’s what makes us human.

Every single body on the planet was designed to move in seven simple patterns. From elite athletes to toddlers, we all push, pull, squat, lunge, gait, twist and hinge. In the same way the letters of the alphabet can be combined to form an endless number of words and sentences, these movement patterns are the building blocks of all physical activity.

The name Primal 7 stems from the ability to train in all planes and patterns of human movement, making it equally powerful for performance training and physical rehabilitation.


The band moves with you, supporting you at your weakest point and relieving stress on the joints.

Optimal neuromuscular activation

Natural, compound movement means a stronger brain-body connection and more efficient workout.


Moving the way your body was designed can decrease pain caused by dysfunctional patterns.

One-of-a-kind support for
perfect, natural movement.

Primal 7 is different from other suspension training systems and workouts. Traditional methods can be hard on the joints and put your body in unnatural positions. Our suspended-band system, supports you through a full range of natural movement for a safe, functional workout every time.

Wrong suspension squat
  • You can’t let go and do a natural squat. This can limit range of motion and sacrifice perfect form.
Wrong bench squat
  • Squatting in a reclined position limits core engagement and proprioceptive input (balance and coordination).
Wrong bodyweight squat
  • Most people lack the hip flexibility and core strength to do a deep squat with proper form, putting the knees and lower back at risk.
Wrong weight squat
  • Weights can be dangerous if you have not yet mastered the proper form. Even small inefficiencies can lead to injury with increased load.
Primal 7 Squat
  • Primal 7 gives you the support to achieve the perfect chair position, achieving a full range of motion and 90º at the knees.
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