If you were a horse, we would have shot you by now.

At six-foot-seven and 320 pounds, Brian DeMarco was a force to be reckoned with for six years as an offensive lineman in the NFL. Then one fateful Sunday, a teammate fell across the back of his legs. As he fell to the ground, an opposing linebacker charged right at him, driving his head backwards as if doing a reverse toe-touch.

Brian’s spine had been fractured in 17 places and shoved forward on his pelvis.

His career was over and his life changed forever. He spent every dollar he’d made on hours of surgery, numerous injections, and countless prescriptions all to no avail. Finally, Brian and his family’s dreams were shattered when a spine specialist looked him in the eye and said, “If you were a horse, we would have shot you by now.”

He needed a way to move or he was going to die.

Brian DeMarco Primal 7 before

From cane, to wheelchair, then bedridden, Brian ballooned to 400+ pounds and lost all sense of self confidence. With two young kids and a wife, he was unable to participate as the father and husband he wanted to be. At rock bottom, Brian and his wife Autumn came to a realization - he needed a way to move or he was going to die.

The decision to pursue movement.

Brian and Autumn found strength in prayer and in one other. They made a conscious decision not to give up; not to believe what the doctors defined as possible or impossible. One afternoon, their prayers were answered with vivid visions of a simple idea to attach a freight band to a set of cargo straps.

Primal 7 was born.Brian DeMarco was reborn.

Brian DeMarco Primal 7 after

Hope reignited, they took to the backyard and tied the straps around a sturdy tree branch. With the band around his back, Brian hesitantly let go of his wife, dropped his cane, and was standing on his own with confidence for the first time in years. His first instinct was to try a squat. Squats led to push-ups. Push-ups led to pull-ups. Three-and-a- half years later, after shedding 100+ pounds, he put down his cane for good.

Movement is life.

What started with Brian is now spreading to countless others nationwide, who’ve decided that their bodies are capable of more than what’s been expected or prescribed. His story is more than an inspiration, it’s a reminder that movement is life. We know what it’s like to get injured, to lose motivation, and to flat out give up.

Our hope is that with a little education and a simple tool, we can make the tough times a little easier, so you too can pursue movement.

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