Designed for maximum
and versatility.

Primal 7

Anchor Attachments
Wrap around any bar, branch, or stable structure.

Door Anchors
Enable quick door use without the scraping or scratching.

Band Release Levers
Lock into place when engaged, move freely when released.

Safety Buckles
Ensure a secure connection and allow interchangeability.

Rubberized Rings
Offer stability and promote symmetrical development.

Performance Bands
Provide assistance or resistance with three bands to choose from.

Quick and easy to install

Primal 7

On any door.

To use Primal 7 at home, in the office, or on the road, simply slide one strap at a time over the door and pull it closed. Lock the door, attach the band of your choice and start your movement.

Primal 7

On any bar.

To use Primal 7 on a bar, rail, or even tree branch, toss each anchor attachment over the bar and pull the metal piece through the loop. Insert each strap into the slot and attach a band to begin moving.

Deceptively simple to use.

Primal 7

For more assistance, raise the band. For less assistance, lower it. It’s that easy.

Primal 7

Think movement first and Primal 7 last. Choose a comfortable position for the band.

Primal 7

Once engaged, the band will lock into place and move with you through the exercise.

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