Getting Started with Primal 7: Your First Four Weeks Made Simple

May 10, 2017

It'll be hard to make excuses for this one.

It's not easy to start a new program. There's new equipment to learn, new and sometimes awkward movements to master, and of course the challenge of finding time to do it all.

With Primal 7 Foundations, we set out to create a program that's easy-to-follow; long enough to get results, but short enough to become a daily habit; and focused on movements that matter. 

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Keep it simple. Keep it short. Keep it real.

With these three guiding principles, and all of your thoughtful feedback, we sat down to design the quickest path to better movement and more confidence.  

What we landed on is a 4-week program that consists of three different parts. Week one will improve your alignment. You will master correct posture by holding the end position of each exercise for 20 seconds. No equipment changes. No reps and sets to keep count of.

In week two, you will develop better balance by moving between the start and stop positions of each exercise for a count of five repetitions. The exercises are the exact same as those in week one. This allows you to focus on controlled movement, while building your confidence.

Finally, in weeks three and four you will work towards improving coordination and building your ability to ramp things up. You will learn when and how to sync your breath with your movement to safely push towards a higher level of intensity.

By mastering alignment, balance, and coordination (the ABC’s) one at a time, you should begin to notice significant improvements in your overall movement quality. Not just in the exercises, but in in your daily activities. And that, good folks, is our ultimate goal.

Primal 7 Beginner Program

Watch it, print it, learn it. Take your pick.

People learn differently. Some of us like videos with explanations, some like videos we can follow along with, and some prefer PDFs. So we did it all.

For each segment, we created an extensive instructional video led by Dunte Hector, our Director of Education. It’s basically like having him in your living room, walking you through perfect form for each exercise.

Once you learn each individual movement, you’re ready to get started. We have printouts that you can place next to your Primal 7 and follow-along videos that include timers and simple cues to keep you on track.

Here’s everything you’ll need:

Week 1 - Alignment

Week 2 - Balance

Weeks 3 and 4 - Coordination

We hope you enjoy our Primal 7 Foundations program and can’t wait to hear about your progress in relieving pain, learning new skills, living a fuller life, and conquering your can’ts!

If you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see or how to make our programming better, dont' be a stranger. You can email us at or call 512-899-2054.

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